We evaluate every possible detail of your condition in order to make an informed decision and diagnosis. From the beginning of the incident, and once the diagnosis is made, we send every result, piece of advice and suggestion to the physician or the person in charge and it depends on his/her judgment if he/she will decide to follow them.

In telemedicine, there is the unavoidable element of distance which makes conditions difficult to handle since physical contact is not possible. For instance, symptoms are described from the patient or from a person in proximity and the physician cannot be present in order to observe some specific symptoms by feeling or seeing them and perform a complete examination. Therefore, we could say that a telemedical diagnosis cannot be equal with the one including physical contact. However, in the case of a medical incident in a maritime environment, it is the best possible solution for the patient. For a great number of years now it has been implemented in vessels with large percentages of successful diagnoses and assistance.
As we have stated in the Technology & Process section, depending on your judgment and personal choice you can purchase the medical devices needed (although we recommend some specific devices), except for the specific cases of the Telecardiograph and the True Color Technology Card which are provided by our company. In any case, the devices we provide you with and the ones we recommend are certified for their use in the EU.
You are able to purchase any part of the service separately. However we suggest that you purchase the total of services offered for a number of reasons. First of all, it is a matter of medical incidents which cannot be ignored. For instance, in case the crew in a vessel is observed to have frequently burns or cuts, the specialty of Dermatology is the most suitable to purchase. However, the specialty of Cardiology cannot be excepted as cardiological incidents are critical and difficult to handle. Additionally, in many cases of ‘’false alarms’’ where the vessel should change its course it is important to have a Cardiologist available to make a diagnosis and give the advice needed for the avoidance of re-routing. Secondly, the total purchase of the services offered is more attractive in financial terms.