What we do

CardioExpress Telemedicine S.A. is one of the largest European Telemedicine services provider offering expert Medical Care and Assistance to Seafarers onboard as well as offboard a vessel.  By utilizing everyday, easy-to-access technology and equipment CardioExpress through simple and fail proof process can Assist in most medical cases fast, reliably and effectively. Core of our notion in Telemedicine is the simplification of all its related aspects, making it easy to adopt, reliable and cost effective, thus transforming it into a real asset on any vessel.


CardioExpress is able to monitor and assist constantly various cases through a team of medical experts and a 24/7 Call Centre in real time from the onset of symptoms, to possible onboard treatment, to being able to advise on the best Medical facility in close proximity of the vessel, if evacuation is needed to full recovery, or repatriation when deemed necessary.


In co-operation with the biggest Assistance and Travel Insurance groups worldwide we are able to offer our services in 170 countries and in 12,700 approved and audited medical facilities. Our services are offered based on an annual experience in managing over 2,4 million assistance cases, including 36,000 medical cases, over 18,000 repatriations and over 5 million euros savings of a total 20 million invoiced


CardioExpress is offering a complete service aiming to assist the Seafarers and the Shipping Industry in an efficient, reliable and cost effective manner that will complement and extend any existing PEME scheme, by creating a full medical record for every crew member and an absolute overview of possible medical needs


By adopting a single point of contact and simplified reliable procedures, combined with easy-to-use technology and expert strategic partnerships, the sensitive issue of Medical Cases on Board, can be handled fast, effectively and at a fraction of the anticipated cost.