Ioannis Giakoumis 


Ioannis Giakoumis has been the President and CEO of CardioExpress since 1997. He has completed his studies in the Technical University of Berlin in Germany and he obtained the degree of ‘’Dipl.Ing’’ in Aerospace Engineering. He has been responsible for several satellite subsystems in International Projects using Telemedicine for austronauts’ rescue in space-manned projects. 

Christos Daskalakis

Christos Daskalakis has been the Medical Director of CardioExpress since 2002. He has completed his General Medicine studies in the University of Bonn in Medicine and his specialty in minimal invasive surgery in the University of Dortmund, Germany. Prior to being promoted to his current post he was responsible for Cost Containment.

Jeremy Sarrigiannidis 

Jeremy Sarrigiannidis has been the IT Manager of CardioExpress since 1998. He has completed his studies in the Technical University of Berlin in Germany in the field of Software Development and System Programming. He has been responsible for the development and maintenance of our Software Platforms and the integration of new technologies. 

Efstratios Kantzelis

Efstratios Kantzelis  has completed his studies in the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK in Architecture.  Practicing in the UK he soon moved on to the Management sector of the Architecture and Construction Industry, being involved in Health Care Facilities Design and other human focus projects such as schools, Homes for the elderly, Secure Care units and correctional Facilities. His portfolio covers projects from 20$ million up to 1,8$billion and a broad range of positions within demanding Management schemes.