True color technology card

In our constant effort to provide best medical service to Seafarers, we have introduced our new "True-color Technology card“. Since most of medical cases require "True-color Photos", we have introduced the most sophisticated state-of-the-art yet simple and cost effective solution, ensuring true color images for every trauma, thus saving our clients thousands of Euros in buying specialized cameras. It is as easy to use as placing this Card next to a wound, or infection, the "True-color Technology Card" and take a picture with any type of digital camera. 




A special software renders the colors of a trauma similar to the original ones drawn on our true color card. The enhanced now photo depicts very clearly the state of the affected area part, enhancing colors and overall quality of the picture as well as depicting the true size of the trauma thanks to the ruler on the side of the card. In this way, our doctors are able to make a completely informed diagnosis and therefore advise on a more appropriate treatment.