The subscriber should call the CardioExpress Receiving Center and describe to the cardiologist on duty the symptoms as well as any other information of medical importance. The patient should place the 3 electrodes and the device on the chest as in the picture, press the round button, release on sound and wait (approx. 15 sec) for the end of sound (3x).


Subsequently, he or she should place the telephone microphone next to the Telecardiograph unit and proceed with the transmission by pressing the same round button. The unit emits a continuous transmission tone, which stops after approx 50sec.

The receiving center transforms the continuous transmitted tone in an ECG and displays it on the Cardiologists monitor in real time. Except for the option of telephone, the patient is able to record the ECG on the computer and as a second step he or she can transmit it via email. The cardiologists on duty, by taking into account the symptoms, the medical record and any previous ECGs (if applicable) informs the subscriber concerning his/her actual situation and if necessary:

• Provides medical advice
• Prescribes medicine
• Takes the appropriate actions by emergency cases