CardioExpress Telemedicine Services

CardioExpress Telemedicine Services S.A was founded in 1993 with the ultimate purpose of providing health services by applying telemedicine, a cutting edge approach to human healthcare needs in terms of vision and technology. By utilizing a combination of high technology and expertise in medical services CardioExpress made an important aspect of daily life easily accessible to everyone. 

The provision of health services and monitoring in real time, upon the onset of symptoms, has been proven to be highly effective thus reducing the delay of the patients’ need to call for help, by the means of immediate diagnosis.  

Currently, CardioExpress is one of the largest European companies in telemedicine, providing services to both public and private sector (hospitals, rural clinics in remote geographical areas, remote islands, home care, private clinics, factories, hotels and many shipping companies with 500 vessels around the world), handling more than 10,000 calls annually. 

The company has been certified for the provision of services under ISO 9001:2008.

Furthermore, the European Union evaluating the infrastructure and the telemedicine services offered, considered CardioExpress as one of the “Inspiring Examples of Good e-Health Companies” in 2009.


Finally, with the introduction of CardioExpress's telemedicine services one of our clients has taken credits of ‘’Best Practice’’ & ‘’Noteworthy Effort’’ in the DNV evaluation for the OHSAS 18001 certification.