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Through strategic partnerships with worldwide leaders in the field of Assistance and Travel Insurance, it is our mission to become your Valuable Partner by offering expert medical treatment and assistance to seafarers anywhere in the world.

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Our Team

Ioannis Giakoumis

President & CEO

Ioannis Giakoumis

Dipl.-Ing. Aerospace Eng. Technical University of Berlin

Christos Daskalakis

Medical Director

Christos Daskalakis

Dr. Med. University of Bonn

General Surgeon Specialty  University of Dortmund

Jeremy Sarrigiannidis

IT Manager

Jeremy Sarrigiannidis

Dipl. Informatics

Technical University of Berlin

Efstratios Kantzelis

Business Development

Efstratios Kantzelis

MSc University of Strathclyde


Anangel Maritime Services
Athenian Sea Carriers
Blue Star Ferries
Combine Marine
  • In a very recent case, CardioExpress helped in saving the life of the Master of MV ‘’Maia’’ who was diagnosed to suffer from cardiac arrhythmia and high rate of heartbeat in the middle of the Indian Ocean. With their immediate diagnosis and valuable medical advice thereafter, achieved to keep him alive until reaching the closest shore medical facilities a few days later. In other cases, their immediate and reliable diagnosis has assisted us to save on unnecessary deviations and related expenses, as the medical condition of the patients was not critical and could be treated onboard.

    Capt. Michail Z. Fotinos (Crew Manager) Diana Shipping

  • With more than 1,000 seafarers at the open sea every single moment, the preventive and emergency telecardiographic monitoring that Cardioexpress provides, has proved to be a valuable assistance for our people. Using this service, our people have access to rapid heart problems diagnosis and medical advice everywhere. They feel confident that when being at sea far from any shore medical facilities, real time transmission of cardiograph and response from experienced cardiologists can save their life.

    S. Volakis (HSQE Manager) Maran Tankers

  • In our vessel Aegean Dignity, a 40-year-old member of our crew experienced a severe cardiac episode and it was urgent for him to be transferred to a medical facility. Unfortunately, the vessel was in the middle of the ocean without the possibility of evacuation and the patient did not have the ability to be transferred for more than 9 hours. The doctors of CardioExpress not only immediately diagnosed the severe character of the incident but they also managed to keep him alive through constant monitoring and appropriate medication for all this time.

    Matttheou Dimitrios (Managing Director) Arcadia Shipmanagement

  • While we were sailing in the open sea along the coast of Bari to Greece the doctors of CardioExpress diagnosed an acute heart attack. The passenger was immediately transferred to a hospital in Bari […] and finally the person was saved.

    Captain Strintzis Lines

  • We took the decision to cooperate with CardioExpress because we understood that CardioExpress would always be available to help both the passengers and the captain. […] This period we have had a few incidents. […] We believe that CardioExpress is necessary because even if there is a doctor in the ship in all likelihood he won't be a cardiologist.

    Captain Anek Lines

  • The fact that I am still alive and I am now talking to you, I owe it to CardioExpress.

    Interview of P.E in ET-1 Broadcasting network

  • Now with the System of CardioExpress I feel secure [....]

    Interview N.M. in ANT-1 Broadcasting network

  • It makes it possible for people to have medical care even when there are not specialized doctors [...]

    Mayor of Tilos island

  • Three communities of East Pilio region that are often snow-bound took the initiative in having the "telecardiologist" in their service 24 hours a day [...]

    Newspaper "To Vima"

  • Even if I were in a suburb of London I wouldn’t have had such a good medical care [...]

    An English tourist in Tilos island

  • It helps doctors who are on duty when they face a problem with the cardiograms to have the ability to get an advice from specialized cardiologists [...]

    Doctor of Health Center of Akrata

  • CardioExpress utilizes the best cardiological advisory telediagnosis in the world!

    NewsPaper "To Vima"

  • We have saved two lives this year. In the second instance a citizen sent the cardiogram [...] It is not necessary to be done by a doctor [...]

    Mayor of East Zagori, Pilio

Why Us
Our know-how is based on our performance in the field of Telemedicine for over 15 years now with over 10.000 cases management on a yearly basis, along with our state-of-the-art and up-to-date technologies which are end user friendly.
Our partners who are some of the leading companies in assistance with over 140.000 of partnerships worldwide, ensure top-quality assistance.

Thanks to our processes, the errors of "self-diagnosis'' leading to unnecessary deviations of the course of the vessel and/or air rescue can be avoided.

In case of an emergency, the immediate medical intervention and thorough planning of the patient’s treatment ensure quality service and care with significant cost reduction.